Langstone Residents Association


The picturesque, historic core of Langstone lies in the Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and was designated a Conservation Area in 1975. It attracts walkers, cyclists, sailors, birdwatchers and artists, and those simply wishing to visit one of its two Grade Two Listed pubs, the Royal Oak and the Ship Inn

Langstone Residents’ Association maintains a watch on the happenings in and around this part of Havant. There is a management committee to oversee activity, but the real work is done by residents, people with a focused interest in something they feel strongly about. 

On a daily basis we monitor proposals by Havant Borough Council for St Faiths’ Ward and especially things which may affect Langstone. Examples are: - The weekly Planning Lists is examined for applications in Langstone and, where necessary, submit comments or objections. We have a Policy to avoid commenting on private domestic schemes unless they are deemed to have an adverse impact on the area. 

Coastal Partners are involved in major sea defence works around Langstone, so we participate, as stakeholders, in consultations they arrange. This is especially important in 2024 as their Design Proposals are complete. Another of their local activities is the sea wall protecting the footpath in front of the Mill Pond. The LRA is a major player in the discussions with the many agencies involved with deciding the fate of that asset.

As members of the Friends of both Langstone and Chichester Harbours we support the efforts of the Action Groups campaigning to improve the water quality by stopping the ongoing illegal sewage discharges into the harbours.

A primary physical activity is litter picking organised by the Langstone Conservation Group. They meet and collect litter on the first and third Monday morning of the month. The first Monday clears the footpath from Langstone Park northwards towards Hobbycraft and including rubbish thrown into the stream. On the third Monday, starting from the end of Langstone Avenue, they work along the Billy Trail to the west shore of Langstone Harbour. Equipment is provided and insurance cover arranged via The Conservation Volunteers. All are welcome. 

The LRA is not alone in its efforts. We work with the Langstone Village Association and are members of the Havant Borough Residents’ Alliance. Together with the Havant Civic Society we can make representations to the Borough Council to ensure the local view is heard. 

Further details can be obtained by contacting either or or Joining the Langstone Residents’ Association is easy. The subscription is currently just £2 per household per year.